About D. Vines

Born to the mean and gritty streets of Brooklyn, New York, Demetrius Devon Vines, formally known as Sunny Valentine, has always known that he was destined for greatness. Like so many other entertainers from Brooklyn like The Notorious BIG, Maxwell, Jay Z, Bobby Shmurda, Michael Jordan, and Mike Tyson, the borough has inspired him immensely and played an intricate part in the molding of that rare, bizarre, and crisp D. Vines sound. 


The multi-instrumentalist was introduced to the world of music at the tender age of fourteen. This was when he started Djing, playing drums, keys, and the guitar. To this day Demetrius is constantly experimenting with new sounds and taking his craft to amazing levels. The emerging artist has collaborated with many major names over the years including Vin Rock from Naughty By Nature, where he played some keys over a couple of tracks that turned out incredible. Demetrius also worked with other huge names in the industry like DJ Premier, Busta Rhymes, Stevie Wonder, and even the Wu-Tang Clan. 


Whether playing the bass guitar for one of the hottest artists in the entertainment world or composing an incredible track for his latest project, Demetrius always makes sure that everything he works on exceeds all expectations. He is a perfectionist in every sense of the word and if you listen closely to the sounds used in many of his songs you will realize that D. Vines is not just a phenomenal artist but he also has an incredible ear. 


Being influenced by artists like The Stylistics, The Delfonics, Al Green, and Smokey Robinson, you will hear a similarity in the music he creates. At a young age, (his uncle) music legend Ronnie Tyrone Davis put young Demetrius in concert settings where he received lots of experience playing various instruments. Growing up in the Flatbush area of Brooklyn, he always listened to music that would inspire him, all while being surrounded by creative souls. 


Today the multi-talented artist is currently breaking down musical boundaries. As he continues to restructure the music we know and listen to today, his ultimate goal is to shake up the music industry and leave his legacy behind.